J. Scott Campbell: Time Capsule 1994-2004 Retrospective

In Time Capsule, Richard Starkings, creator of Elephantmen, talks with Campbell about his artistic techniques, creative processes and business strategies, illustrated by previously unseen sketches and finished artwork. Discover how he became an artist, from his earliest influences to the creation of the hugely popular Image Comics Gen 13 and Danger Girl, to the toys, video games, movies and TV show deals that followed.

"J. Scott Campbell: Time Capsule 1994-2004 is a 300 page hardcover interview book conducted by Comicraft/Active Images' Richard Starkings, with John Roshell handling book design duties. A fascinating and detailed look at the first half of a successful comic artist's career."

- Augie De Blieck Jr., Pipeline: Revisiting J. Scott Campbell's Early Years, Comic Book Resource


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